• Standing ovation ’13: Our fav. collabs from around the world

    The Editor-in-Chief of W Magazine, Stefano Tonchi, commented in the winter 2013 issue devoted to art that “Twitter-and-Instagram-savvy designers have realized that in order to make a lasting impression these days, complicated ideas have to be conveyed in a simple, direct manner with art, theater, and fashion collapsing into a single memorable moment.” Indeed. Here […]

  • Brand x Brand vs. Artist x Brand

    Collaborations between two fashion brands, like Levi’s and Brooks Brothers, or between a fashion brand and a retail brand like Target and Philip Lim have become quite the norm. So much so that the blogosphere has taken to calling them ‘collabs’. However for most brands, the idea of collaborating with an artist (painter, sculptor, printmaker, […]

  • Artists in the Spotlight

    This week, we’d like to introduce a few artists we think would make fantastic art fusion collaborators. What are the qualifications, you ask? Dynamism, a talent for combining the seemingly incompatible conceptual, textural and material forms, and above all, a uniqueness of vision that has the ability to draw viewers in.

  • Art Fusion and removing Confusion

    There are two distinct ways to approach an art fusion collaboration. If you are a Brand considering collaborating with an Artist, you will either choose the Deconstruction process or the Integration process, depending on your needs and goals. What the heck are those, you ask? And what’s the difference? Well, let us explain.

  • Would you rather your Brand be ‘New!’ or ‘Relevant!’?

    For Converse, art fusion hasn’t just been a way of staying fashionable, or ahead of their competition. It has been a way to stay culturally relevant. How many other shoe Brands can you name that have survived for over a century? And how many other Brands can boast that they are worn by celebrities, not […]

  • For brands, necessity is the mother of reinvention

    Brands that aren’t constantly creating new products to satisfy the ever-fickle consumer are few and far between. “Innovate” is on many a Brand Director’s To Do list. Yes, market research says things sell better with a ‘New’ flash on the package, but the result, too often, is a product that isn’t really all that new […]

  • Our home and native brands

    Art fusion collaborations have proven so effective and have become so familiar around the world that savvy bloggers have begun to report new ones as ‘collabs’. But so far, very few have originated in Canada. Strange. Is it possible Canadian marketers aren’t thinking big enough for their brands? Or perhaps we think it has to […]

  • Make the traditional untraditional again

    Increasingly, social media has become one of the traditional tools of marketing. With this new reality, there are plenty of new ‘gurus’ who profess to know the secret to successful social media campaigns. But ultimately, it comes down to a simple, old-fashioned principle: people talk when there’s something worth talking about. Social media is nothing […]

  • There’s Art in Your Soap

    From the earliest examples of art fusion between Salvatore Dali and Elsa Schiaparelli in the 1930’s and Andy Warhol and Yves St. Laurent in the 1960’s, art fusion has never failed to capture our collective imaginations. In the last decade, the number of art fusion collaborations has proliferated, now with many different types of Artists […]