• Know & Tell

    The most inspiring small, upstart brands are the ones that seem to know themselves from the get go. They have a strong point of view and more than a little courage. It’s little wonder that these brands also happen to be the ones that fearlessly engage in art-fusion collaborations, not only as a way to […]

  • Declaring War on Indifference

    Even well-designed spaces, despite all the care and attention to detail put into them, can end in rather generic results. For example, contemporary interior design, lifestyle and travel publications with their countless photographs of minimal and timeless interiors, haven’t been able to avoid becoming uniformly predictable in their effort to be inspiring.

  • Highbrow Brands x Lowbrow Art

    Comme des Garçons does it. Louis Vuitton does it. Even Hermès does it. They are among the handful of highly progressive fashion houses that have fused their highbrow brands with lowbrow street art by collaborating with avant-garde and sought-after

  • Charitable winning

    It goes without saying that art fusion collaborations can take many forms. We’ve seen many grace the market as a new product, a new service, a special event, an in-store installation and as a graffiti application, to name a few of the more popular forms.

  • Should your brand create a collection or a masterpiece?

    For most art fusion collaborations, brands choose one of two approaches: they develop a group of related products—the ‘one-of-many’ approach—or an exclusive ‘many-of-one’ product. Fashion brands like Comme des Garçons, Louis Vuitton, or Lacoste have favoured the ‘one-of-many’ choice, while brands like Evian, Absolute Vodka, or Domeau & Pérès have been known for limited-edition, art […]

  • Art Creating Brands – Brands Creating Culture

    While art is being made, curated, exhibited, and collected, products are being developed, manufactured, marketed and sold. But more and more often, the word “curated” is being interjected from the world of art into the world of mass-production and mass-consumption.