• Attracting the Masses by Targeting the Few

    Most brands are prone to classify their audiences too broadly, assuming they have to appeal to the masses to achieve explosive growth. To avoid this catch 22 and accomplish the growth every business owner dreams of – by doing just the opposite.

  • Dale Chihuly, artist. Dale Chihuly, brand.

    Collaborations between brands and artists of all types have been popping up just about everywhere. They’ve clearly caught on—and proven their worth amidst flashy advertising campaigns and attention-seeking promotional events.

  • The Spark of an Idea: A Story

    The search for new ideas often leads us to the most unexpected of places. And as most creative people know, the best ideas are hidden in the most obvious yet least expected places.

  • Salone del Mobile: The Bottom Line

    Salone Milano and Milan Design week are exceptional design showcases, primarily thanks to their top-notch organizers. But each and every participating brand, small and large, national and international had something extraordinary to add.

  • Highlights from Milan Design Week

    Blending the divide between art, design and architecture is something the organizers of Milan Design Week do quite well. It’s not that most of the products shown during the event, with their artfulness and simplicity, can’t stand alone and deliver potent aesthetic experiences of their own. But more often than not, in addition to their […]

  • Art fusion: Mistakes to Avoid

    Jun Takahashi, the founder and designer behind the Japanese avant-garde label Undercover and known for his rather original tagline “We Make Noise, Not Clothes”, has become wary of art collaborations.

  • So an Artist & an Opera Singer Walk into a Bar …

    During the 2015 Feature Art Fair, Baldwin’s Hoard offered an experience that was not only artful, but also educational and mostly quite unique. Engaging with fellow art goers in further conversation while sipping a glass or two of bubbly in a room tastefully furnished with props representing a wide range of historic periods, from Ancient Greece to Post-modernism is an experience that’s hard to forget.

  • Oh Xmas Tree, How Lovely Is Your Branding

    Breaking from 26 years of the Gardiner’s traditional approach to Christmas exhibitions was a bold move that brought not only holiday joy, but also a few lessons for other brands to take away.

  • Branding Lessons from the Venice Art Biennale

    Venice Art Biennale, the internationally renowned, biannual art event that takes over Venice, Italy from May to November is not only of great social, cultural and political stature, it’s also a powerful marketing platform – for countries.

  • The Death of a Gift Shop

    In recent years, museum gift shops’ artsy t-shirts, mugs and scarves have been greeted with a diminishing sense of enthusiasm. However, more progressive art organizations like the Walker Art Centre in Minneapolis and the New Museum in New York have started to reinvent the role of their gift stores. At Arts & Labour, we say it’s about time.