• When Being an Artist is Good for Business

    What if more brands developed products that were at least slightly ahead of the curve? For a number of companies, collaborating with cutting edge designers or artists would be an easy first step in challenging their own status quo, and ultimately capturing a creative edge the marketplace is eagerly waiting for.

  • The Top 3 Art Collaboration Myths

    At Arts & Labour, we’ve been talking to brand managers and have uncovered a few obstacles that seem to come up time and again when making the decision whether or not to collaborate with an artist on their product. What we’ve discovered is not that Canadian brands have a different set of concerns than international brands who are more willing to embrace the approach –

  • Do limited editions create limitless desire?

    It’s not a secret that over the last decade, the popularity of art-fusion collaborations has grown dramatically. While the most talked-about collaborations seem to come and go in a flash of white-hot attention, the less successful ones linger behind in social-media silence, in hopes of one day selling out. One decision a brand embarking on […]

  • Highbrow Brands x Lowbrow Art

    Comme des Garçons does it. Louis Vuitton does it. Even Hermès does it. They are among the handful of highly progressive fashion houses that have fused their highbrow brands with lowbrow street art by collaborating with avant-garde and sought-after

  • Standing ovation ’13: Our fav. collabs from around the world

    The Editor-in-Chief of W Magazine, Stefano Tonchi, commented in the winter 2013 issue devoted to art that “Twitter-and-Instagram-savvy designers have realized that in order to make a lasting impression these days, complicated ideas have to be conveyed in a simple, direct manner with art, theater, and fashion collapsing into a single memorable moment.” Indeed. Here […]

  • Brand x Brand vs. Artist x Brand

    Collaborations between two fashion brands, like Levi’s and Brooks Brothers, or between a fashion brand and a retail brand like Target and Philip Lim have become quite the norm. So much so that the blogosphere has taken to calling them ‘collabs’. However for most brands, the idea of collaborating with an artist (painter, sculptor, printmaker, […]

  • There’s Art in Your Soap

    From the earliest examples of art fusion between Salvatore Dali and Elsa Schiaparelli in the 1930’s and Andy Warhol and Yves St. Laurent in the 1960’s, art fusion has never failed to capture our collective imaginations. In the last decade, the number of art fusion collaborations has proliferated, now with many different types of Artists […]

  • The Little Bag That Could

    In the last few years, more and more start-up companies have been using art fusion to catapult themselves into category ‘players.‘ A great example is The Cambridge Satchel Company. The start-up fashion brand with one inexpensive bag design became a fashion media darling seemingly overnight. One of their first collaborations was with Japanese fashion label […]