• Corporate Sponsorship 2.0

    When corporations write a check to sponsor a cultural event only to have their logo displayed among many others on the back of a promotional booklet or a program, it’s clearly inconsistent with their marketing objectives. After all, in the ‘real’ world of day-today business, banks are competitors – each with a marketing mandate to stand out – same as the cable companies and credit cards they share the back of the pamphlet with.

  • Why art fusion’s early adopters are women

    Art-fusion collaborations, if done right, come with a universal set of visual and emotional characteristics that are easy to identify with. For example, the ‘dotted’ art fusion between Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama can be experienced as playful and imaginative, yet elegant and sophisticated.

  • So long store displays – Hello art installations

    Fashion, often the most forward-looking and savvy of retail marketers, offers many valuable lessons to the rest of the retail industry. Fashion’s latest tutorial in the art of drawing a crowd could yet again be of great service to retailers who are ready and willing to learn, regardless of category. What’s the lesson you wonder?

  • Do limited editions create limitless desire?

    It’s not a secret that over the last decade, the popularity of art-fusion collaborations has grown dramatically. While the most talked-about collaborations seem to come and go in a flash of white-hot attention, the less successful ones linger behind in social-media silence, in hopes of one day selling out. One decision a brand embarking on […]

  • A picture that’s worth a thousand words – And more for some

    Like design or fashion products, art-fusion collaborations don’t come truly alive till fully digested by the greater public. To be fully legitimized, they too require their necessary components that will further validate their artistic, cultural and social relevance further. What kind of components you ask?

  • Standing Ovation ’14: Our Fav. Collabs from Around the World

    Every year, we like to step back, evaluate and applaud the brands and artists who have inspired and elated us with their teamwork. This time around we’ve based our selection on collaborations that have been successful at walking the line of artistic integrity while still achieving accessibility, […]

  • Comparison & Review: Art Toronto & Feature Art Fair

    If one had to choose between feeling overwhelmed or inspired, exhausted or refreshed, the decision would be simple. Along the same lines, being able to predict your reaction to an Art fair is actually quite simple as well. How you ask?

  • Know & Tell

    The most inspiring small, upstart brands are the ones that seem to know themselves from the get go. They have a strong point of view and more than a little courage. It’s little wonder that these brands also happen to be the ones that fearlessly engage in art-fusion collaborations, not only as a way to […]

  • How to plan a successful collaboration

    Not surprisingly, an art fusion collaboration can be an intimidating process for brand managers. Every step requires uncompromising attention to detail, making it potentially easy to lose sight of the big picture. But by simply asking yourself a few questions before moving forward, it will be much easier to manage this extremely rewarding process. Question […]