• Making Common Spaces Uncommon

    “When the IDS crew asked us to design one of the five common areas for their upcoming Toronto show, Jonathan Nodrick, the CEO and Creative Director of Rollout simply replied, why not all five?”

  • It’s Time to Reinvent the Trade Booth

    As much as brands pour their energy into the things they sell, it’s a mistake to think that those products alone will make a trade show booth stand out, no matter how new or innovative those products are. If you’ve ever walked the dizzying miles of a trade show floor and experienced the visual exhaustion […]

  • The Art of the Trade Booth

    Attending a trade show can be a stimulating experience. The sheer number of booths filled with all the latest and greatest can fill one with anticipation and excitement. However, when very few booths go beyond the traditional design formula, visiting a trade show can become monotonous and leave one physically fatigued and emotionally uninspired. Not […]