• Time to Trade Booths for Space Installations

    In the age of social media, it’s become a thing of the past for brands to use trade shows to unveil new products. Gone are the days when attendees and exhibitors alike would go to a trade show expecting to get a first glimpse at the newest an industry has to offer. But if all […]

  • The Top 3 Art Collaboration Myths

    At Arts & Labour, we’ve been talking to brand managers and have uncovered a few obstacles that seem to come up time and again when making the decision whether or not to collaborate with an artist on their product. What we’ve discovered is not that Canadian brands have a different set of concerns than international brands who are more willing to embrace the approach –

  • Salone del Mobile: The Bottom Line

    Salone Milano and Milan Design week are exceptional design showcases, primarily thanks to their top-notch organizers. But each and every participating brand, small and large, national and international had something extraordinary to add.

  • Art fusion: Mistakes to Avoid

    Jun Takahashi, the founder and designer behind the Japanese avant-garde label Undercover and known for his rather original tagline “We Make Noise, Not Clothes”, has become wary of art collaborations.

  • Space, The New Art-Fusion Frontier

    Art installations have become capable not only of transforming physical walls, floors and ceilings into spaces full of imagination and inspiration, but also of shifting an audience’s perception of a brand, from forgettable to intriguing overnight.

  • Branding Lessons from the Venice Art Biennale

    Venice Art Biennale, the internationally renowned, biannual art event that takes over Venice, Italy from May to November is not only of great social, cultural and political stature, it’s also a powerful marketing platform – for countries.

  • The Death of a Gift Shop

    In recent years, museum gift shops’ artsy t-shirts, mugs and scarves have been greeted with a diminishing sense of enthusiasm. However, more progressive art organizations like the Walker Art Centre in Minneapolis and the New Museum in New York have started to reinvent the role of their gift stores. At Arts & Labour, we say it’s about time.

  • Do limited editions create limitless desire?

    It’s not a secret that over the last decade, the popularity of art-fusion collaborations has grown dramatically. While the most talked-about collaborations seem to come and go in a flash of white-hot attention, the less successful ones linger behind in social-media silence, in hopes of one day selling out. One decision a brand embarking on […]

  • A picture that’s worth a thousand words – And more for some

    Like design or fashion products, art-fusion collaborations don’t come truly alive till fully digested by the greater public. To be fully legitimized, they too require their necessary components that will further validate their artistic, cultural and social relevance further. What kind of components you ask?