We Do

We believe the world is more stimulating and most alive when everyone, including brands and businesses, are fully expressing their creativity and individuality. In fact, we believe society benefits when brands are vibrant contributors to culture. We see ourselves as activists for creativity and warriors against blandness.


During my nearly 20 years of consulting with organizations on their brand and design strategies, I realized that even the most captivating branding campaigns fell short of creating a deep and meaningful connection. It became clear to me that this missing dimension was not a matter of ineffective branding campaigns; instead, it was ultimately that the products or services themselves lacked a true lovable quality.

Mariana Grezova, London, UK

As a result, I’ve launched Arts & Labour, a platform for partnering with pioneering brands and collaborating with visionary artists, bloggers, designers, photographers, stylists, writers, and other creative professionals to develop unconventional solutions that embody the universal yearning for beauty, grace and imagination.

I believe aesthetics and creativity has a role in changing the world around us through inspiration and engagement. To further a dialogue about branding, art and culture, we publish engaging and challenging content monthly and encourage submissions from artists, bloggers, designers, entrepreneurs, marketers, photographers and writers.

The fresh approach Arts & Labour takes to branding has resulted in a different level of engagement with clients, as well as with my students at OCAD University. My perspective on creative collaborative branding enriches what I bring to projects in a way that contributes to a more intriguing and provocative experience for everyone.