To Ignite

For creative and business professionals alike, staying inspired and informed is an ongoing process. As a creative activist, Arts & Labour’s goal is to stimulate those whose businesses are propelled by creativity, and motivate them with the latest and most captivating creative trends from around the world.

From the UK police uniforms to a Japanese fashion fashion label Undercover's collection

Our own curiosity and enthusiasm for uncovering newness is one of the reasons we travel around the world to attend internationally renowned design and art events. Collectively, they are a source of visionary ideas we like to introduce to inspire and ignite. We explore product design and discuss the branding practices that stifle the vital aspects of creativity that are necessary to produce what’s valuable and irresistible in our society today.

Our talks, whether they’re about the cultural phenomenon of art and brand collaborations or why trade booths need to become more like space-specific art installations, are aimed at inspiring the business professional with possibilities and awakening them to the fact that they play an important role in creating culture.

To learn more about our creativity talks, please contact Mariana Grezova at 416 941 9200.