Arts & Labour is a Toronto-based creative studio that helps brands tap into the cultural zeitgeist to create exceptionally desirable products, services, environments and experiences.

In our view, “ordinary” is the enemy of successful design. Our observation is that creative projects lacking in cultural curiosity and a diversity of aesthetic perspectives can suffocate and end up producing the unremarkable, the average and the unnoticed.

Tilley Hats: design iterations for an upcoming urban collection

We work to activate others to go beyond their limitations, take risks, be more courageous, find their own unique way forward. We examine the many underlying conventions inhibiting a brand’s creative growth. We advance their creative vision and process and provide guidance to initiate unconventional solutions that result in products, campaigns or events that are desirable and exceptional, and most importantly, engaging.

Our consulting process guides and supports yours using our strategic principle that originality is achieved by combining creativity and intelligent constraint. The creative process can be messy, but should be trusted; it is full of trial and error, refinement and curiosity, and must be deeply rooted in a reason for the project. Our process is designed to jumpstart your process so we can help curate and re-imagine your own creativity. We give you ideas to advance yours.